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Diocletian4   VengeoftheStars  

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 Interested in first snake!

So im very interested in getting my first snake and I have a couple questions about kingsnakes. I have worked with reptiles before and I just want to make sure that my kingsnake wont have to eat live food because I dont really have the stomach for that. I’ve heard that kingsnakes have a beastly feeding response and will take frzn thaw almost every time, if this is true then great if not then are there any other snakes 6ft and under that have a nice feeding response. Thanks in advance.

12/09/13  09:01pm


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  Message To: Diocletian4   In reference to Message Id: 2302611

 Interested in first snake!

Just make sure the snake is already feeding F/T before you buy it and you wont have any trouble :)
Most commonly kept snakes will take F/T but every one is an individual so you never know.

12/10/13  06:31am

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