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 Reptile show loot

After 2 years without snakes I finally got back into them! My fiance was apprehensive at the thought of me getting back into reptiles. He was actually very adamant that I NOT get snakes but agreed with a few terms. So we waited for the next show in my town and went with the intention of looking this time and buying the next. Well that never works out xD

Long story short HE ended up seeing and falling in love with a snake and actually bought one for himself! A female Ghost Brooks. Pretty little purple thing :)

I picked up a regular ole Cali King. Story on him was this ball breeder was unpacking after a show and found him curled up among his things. Im a sucker for rescues and neat stories so I took him home too.

Pics arent very good but the cali is really stressed as it is. Hoping he calms down just a little after he has time to settle.

Brooks is by Kenny and Marys SnakesnLizzards
Cali from but not bred by Royal Flush Exotics

12/09/13  09:34am


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  Message To: VengeoftheStars   In reference to Message Id: 2302599

 Reptile show loot

Very Nice...!

I have a hypo brooks and a cali as well...I have raised them from about 1 year old and now they have to be about 4 years ...maybe 5
Their lengths are respective of their age ..I am pleased as punch with them They eat a myriad of items from numerous mice to rats and small rabbits (pinky rabbits that don’t make it) get frozen and served later.

Congrats on the behalf of your man for falling in love with them too...I bet you didn’t have anything to do with that

Good Luck

12/11/13  01:44am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2302628

 Reptile show loot

Thats neat that they get pinkie rabbits even, lucky little dudes.
haha actually i didnt push him at all! I couldnt believe he said he wanted it. He has been gungho no more pets for months now XD Guess theres a snake for everyone out there. Its hard to resist them.

My guys have been in their bins alone for 5 days now and I broke my one week rule bc its been so long since ive had reptiles. I just had to do SOMETHING. So i just opened the lid to look at them-
I also want to mention im SO new to colubrids, before this i was a python girl.

anyway they go into little tail rattling fits when i open the lid and I was wondering, ofcourse for now im not messing with them but when handling them is it correct to simply ignore the fits and hold them anyway? or is there another way to acclimate them to handling. Im not looking for them to sit on my shoulder lol i know they arent balls, just to accept my handling.

12/12/13  06:06pm


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  Message To: VengeoftheStars   In reference to Message Id: 2302664

 Reptile show loot

Those silly rules...who made them...???
Handle as often as you like , tail rattle and all they will calm down within a matter of moments. Just let them rest awhile after a recent meal so they can digest peacefully.

My snakes love to hang out and curl around my hands / fingers , slither down the couch and on to the coffee table wrought iron , they will come to a rest and hang for a considerable amount of time and then start roaming again. Just need to keep a close eye on them and rein them in every so often. The Kings are always separate from any other should know why.

This king likes to search the internet...

It so hard to have only 1

The retic is 10 ft and he is allowed to roam the living room and dinning room ...he has favorite spots under the couch...and in the hall closet. But he also likes to get outside in the summer with close supervision. The neighbor girl at 12/ 13 years old loves

The Red Tail boa likes her climbing tree and also under the couch...she is 8 ft now and should be full grown @ 5-6 years.
Taken a couple of years ago at 6 feet

I am living my 2nd childhood ....LOL
it’s a jungle at my house and I love it

12/20/13  03:56am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2302754

 Reptile show loot

I’m almost positive that King snakes are true constrictors and not colubrids...might have to check myself on that??

But they are constrictors in the true sense of the word as compared to a gopher or corn snake. They will normally wrap the prey many times whereas a corn snake will wrap only 1x ...a gopher will pin the prey and maybe wrap 1x

There is a big difference when you see it week after week especially when feeding frozen thawed ...the kings are still constrictors...feeling it is necessary to constrict .

12/20/13  04:05am

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