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 Why did my Mexican Black king snake spit out the mouse?

I got a 2 year old Mexican Black King Snake from my niece last week and tried feeding him yesterday. My Niece fed him both frozen and live without issue. I took him out of his cage and put him in a box as I read to do so he doesn’t associate his lid being opened with feeding. We got him a frozen full sized mouse- I put the mouse in warm water til it thawed and warmed up to around the temp a live one would be and I held it above him and he snapped at it- he did not immediately seem interested in the mouse- he was exploring the box for about 5 minutes then he finally found the head and started on it. He was almost past the shoulders when he started backing up and used his body to pull the mouse out of his mouth. Anyone know a reason why he did this? Our son was standing over the box watching him and our son was moving around a lot so my husband assumed the movement stressed him out. We are going to try again today but any tips would be appreciated. We thought the mouse was too big but our niece was feeding him the same size as the one we got him without issue. Thanks!

12/01/13  08:41am


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 Why did my Mexican Black king snake spit out the mouse?

On occasion they will do this ...I have had large snakes spit out a meal they were always previously comfortable with.

I resorted to waiting another week to let him get hungry again...and offered a smaller meal...if he took that I would offer another of the smaller mice. Sometimes it is a stress factor...

I do feed in the enclosure with no issue , and the snake IMO is less stressed...but I have had so many now and with different personalities.... it all depends on the day / season/ and length of time between feedings.

Dont worry , try again in a week or 2...I have a cali king that went off feeding for 4 months 1 year...he is fine and with me today.

12/02/13  01:02am

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