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 New to colubrids

Hey guys,
I used to keep lots of herps, mostly snakes until I had to move in with my old lady who wouldnt allow them in her home. I had just gotten what the breeder called Nogales King. Hadnt heard of it before but it was a beautiful black snake.

Anyway Im in my new house now and Id like to get back into snakes but this time im trying to veer away from the boids. I also want to try my hand at breeding, its just something I have always wanted to do at least once. Im looking to buy one breeding pair of snakes and I wanted to see what species you all would recommend.

I want Mexican Black Kings. I love that smooth pitch black look and its too hard to choose from all the wonderful bright colored snakes so to start off I want BLACK.
Is there anything else I might want to look into before committing to a pair of these guys? Are they fairly easy to breed? Ive never bred snakes before so I want something I will be likely to succeed at.

Thanks for any responses! oh and for fun, if you have any black snakes or cool kings post your pics!

11/05/13  08:35am

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