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 Is this just a rubbing?

Hey! my name is Lauren, and my Mexican Black is Meduso, (thought the poor guy was a girl for quite a while, named him/her medusa....switched the a with an o ;)
he has some rubbing on the top of his head, making one of the two larger plates on the top of his head look creased with the rub spot in the middle.
I have looked up scale rot, and all other possibilities, but I can’t seem to figure out what it is.
I know he is close to shedding, and I have started giving him baths.
do you guys think it could just be from the rocks in his tank?

06/24/13  01:41pm


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  Message To: Lumonade   In reference to Message Id: 2298812

 Is this just a rubbing?

A photo would be helpful. Also, most rubbing scars or deformities usually occur on the nose, not the top of the head.

07/22/13  04:57pm


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  Message To: Russell55   In reference to Message Id: 2299852

 Is this just a rubbing?

If you have a aquarium with a screentop, many snakes climb between the top of the tank and the screen, forcing their way with their heads. If this might be your case, line the inside of the screen top with some smooth paper or plastic in the area above the aquarium sides. If you have ever looked to find your snake and he fell down from the top, that is probably the cause of the rubbed head.


09/10/13  04:10pm

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