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 How can i tell my snake is even happy, or anything

So i have a banana king snake, havent had him for long but i would like to think i hooked his cage up pretty good. he usually looks like he is roaming around try to get out, is he not happy, how do u tell if he is...ill be honest i really havent handled him much, hardly at all, he is my reason, i dont know were to pick him up from, i dont want to stress him out or scare him and def dont want to piss him off. the time that i did, i did use gloves, and he kept trying to get away from him and kept going up my arm towards my head and i was trying to keep him just down in my hands, i put some of my clothes in there for like a week so that he could get my scent and all, he seemed to like it but i dunno, i just want to make sure my buddy is happy in his new home

05/16/13  03:41pm


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  Message To: Cottonmouthking:)/   In reference to Message Id: 2297416

 How can i tell my snake is even happy, or anything

I don’t think the word "happy" is suitable for a snake. I’d use "content", but not "happy".

If your snake roames around all the time, something is not right, maybe the snake is hungry? I’d recommend that you handle your snake once every two weeks or so, use gloves if you are nervous about it and remember that it’s not how often you handle that makes a difference, but HOW you handle.

No twitching from your part, easy and calmly move your hands forward as the snake moves. Lifting a snake without scaring it can be difficult, use a tool (snake hook) to lift the snake into your hands.

05/30/13  01:56am


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  Message To: Peter54   In reference to Message Id: 2297914

 How can i tell my snake is even happy, or anything

It is not unusual for a male snake to be restless during this time of year. It is the breeding season and searching for a potential mate is an over powering urge for most adult male snakes. My Mexican Black King Snake is constantly on the move from March thru the end of June. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just let him out once in a while so he can roam around and work some of his excess energy off. Of course only let him out in an area that you can have some control over, like a bathroom with a towel under the door.

06/07/13  07:56am


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  Message To: Russell55   In reference to Message Id: 2298279

 How can i tell my snake is even happy, or anything

Sakes are funny they are instinct machines and I mean basic, lik eat drink poop survive adapt and grow. they are not happy or unhappy they can be edgy. you can learn to pay attention to his posture will help you the most. I distract my snake to one side and as they stretch out and then I slowly and carefully pick him or her in the middle so they can feel whats going on and if they bite don’t pull back as you can rip out their teeth that way. just run the head under a luke warm stream of water until they let go. use gloves until you get a sense of your snakes posture tells. it wont hurt them get a sense of aggression patterns like a shaking tail and beginning of what is known as the s posture good luck

11/15/15  03:17pm

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