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 What is this exactly?

My Black Mexican King is about 6 years old now and has always done very well (no health issues or problems). About 2 months ago he began to have some minor skin issues, wrinkling scales, dried/shriveled up scales and the end of his face began to look rubbed and dry. I checked his tank and found a couple (not a ton) mites doing their nasty work on him. I immediately removed him from the cage and disinfected the cage by using boiling water with water down bleach and soap ( I did this twice on the inside and out). I changed all bedding and boiled all of his cage accessories (bowl, hide..etc). I have made sure the humidity has been very low and his temps are just as normal, so far I have not seen any more mites and it looks like all is clear. The only issue I am confused about is whether the mites were causing the skin conditions I have posted pics of? I have bathed him a few times in watered down Betadine and applied some of the Nature Zone Snake Oil a few times and have noticed that scales flakes (a few, not alot) have been coming off. I have dealt with mites once before but never had this happen with that snake. Is this another skin condition or was it due to the mites?

04/29/13  02:50am


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  Message To: Elguero   In reference to Message Id: 2296486

 What is this exactly?

i BELIEVE IT TO BE stuck shed...with some damp towels and water you can remove it ....or allow the snake to reside in a plastic shoe box from the dollar store...inside the tank if you have room...filled with a bunch of damp towels and or substrate. The humidity will help loosen it up after a day or 3 Of course make a small hole in the lid so the snake can get in and out.

05/08/13  10:03am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2297039

 What is this exactly?

I had a worse case on a florida king, bad sheds left the skin bruised and blooded, fought it with plain triple antibiotic, and cleaned the cage goodvshe would shed almost every two three weeks, dont know what happened, just started on her not her neighbors

10/09/15  01:05am

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