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Ahna   KeepYourSky  

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 King snake-

do baby king snakes need to "soak"and if so when is a good time frame to do so--she is getting ready to shed now and is a bit more protective of her surroundings so i don’t want to hack her off maybe after she sheds? how soon after??

04/18/13  12:15pm


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  Message To: Ahna   In reference to Message Id: 2295863

 King snake-

So I tend to try to soak my snakes the day after their blue clears, however this is not necessary. Keep the humidity in the 60-70 range or provide a humid hide and it should be good and easy shed without having to stress her. I’m trying this with my MBK now to see if she’s find with the humidity without the soak

04/18/13  12:28pm

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