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Lizardman24   Sandboaking  

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 Dehydrated baby!!

hey guys. i have a baby california kingsnake. he has been eating great and being lively and what not. today i went to check on him and he has vertical wrinkles on his lower body and a little caved in stomach near his tail. i gave him a bath this morning and then another with half pedialyte. i will give him another later in the day, but i have no idea what to do now. any help will be great. thanks

01/23/13  12:45pm


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  Message To: Lizardman24   In reference to Message Id: 2290302

 Dehydrated baby!!

Sadly, I’ve had a lot of these problems because my house is so dry. Your snake should bounce back really fast with the baths and if you can boost the humidity it’ll be even better.

01/24/13  04:49pm

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