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 Advise on live mice?

It’s official, we have tried every advice in feeding our baby, Khaleesi and she just won’t eat. It’s been 3 weeks. She’s healthy and active but completely uninterested. We tried different methods of thawing, putting a hole in the pinkie, feeding her at different times of the day, putting her in a feeding tub, feeding her in her terrarium, putting her in a deli cup....she just refuses. I think our last resort is to get her a live pinkie.

Does anyone have any advice for feeding live pinkies? What are the best techniques? I really want to get this right.
Also, what if she doesn’t eat it? What do you do with the baby mouse? I’m afraid I’m not going to like the answer....

10/19/12  08:57am


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  Message To: BabyKhaleesi   In reference to Message Id: 2283210

 Advise on live mice?

Well... Live pinks are usually straight forward to feed. If you have a loose substrate, put it in a deli cup or make an area clear of bedding and just let the pinky do its thing. The snake will probably jump right on it, if not, don’t worry a bit. Leave it overnight. I’ve left live pinks with snakes for 4-5 days before they died, but most of the nutrition is lost, but in this case, any is better than nothing. Good luck!

10/19/12  07:38pm


Valentinas Daddy
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  Message To: Sandboaking   In reference to Message Id: 2283280

 Advise on live mice?

We had the same issue with live pinkies, the problem seems to be that the snake wants to look around and is more interested in getting out. We were able to get the snake to eat using the paper bag method. The paper bag method worked fine for live pinkies, we then decided to switch to frozen and used the paper bag method with added tuna juice. Now please understand I meant to use water based tuna and not the oil based. I thawed the mouse in the hottest tap water, I put the snake in a small paper bag, I rubbed the pinkie on the tuna and then put it in the bag, I closed the bag and rolled the top until there was minimal room for movement. 10 minutes later I checked the bag and the snake had eaten the pinkie.

01/03/13  02:27pm


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  Message To: Valentinas Daddy   In reference to Message Id: 2288778

 Advise on live mice?

Don’t forget it’s winter time....i have snakes , although older, that stop eating for months ...then start back up again. But a baby old?? they should eat withing 3-4 weeks hopefully

Have a friend that had a snake that refused to eat for 3-4 weeks ...a baby, finally it ate a frozen thawed pinky, had us worried for a spell. Then it didn’t eat again for 2 weeks. Had to put it in a dark hide / cardboard box ...small so it was in close proximity to the feeder item...and dark so it wasn’t interested in exploring. Clear plastic shoe box with a dark towel over it also works pretty good. you can peek every 20 minutes or so.

Good Luck...keep trying...get a lizard if you have too, anoles work great.

01/07/13  11:33pm

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