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When i run my hand along the outside of my baby king snakes tank he follows it, but something about the way he does it seems aggressive.
is this a bad thing and what does it mean?

09/23/12  09:47am


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  Message To: Fable   In reference to Message Id: 2281190


Is this for real? You should never do anything like that to any caged animal, not even a fish. The snake is of course threatened by your finger/hand and thinks it’s a predator that will try to eat him/her.

09/25/12  02:32am


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  Message To: Peter54   In reference to Message Id: 2281343


He should be OK. That is just a normal reaction. Just handle him once every couple days and he will get used to you being around.

09/25/12  06:20am


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  Message To: Mikeybo2004   In reference to Message Id: 2281345


OMG, 2 people in a row don’t even know what they are talking about. LOL I’m not trying to be a smart , just trying to be funny here. Obviously if the snake is "fallowing" your movements, he’s hungry. That is a fact. If he qoild up and started striking, he’d feel threatened by you.

09/30/12  08:33pm


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  Message To: RossCA   In reference to Message Id: 2281757


lets be fair here, it may be a feeding behavioral mechanism could be defensive or maybe it is the way snakes see. infrared is their system of adaption they are like a missile the way they see is like a target acquisition device in other words they sense something warmer then them and lock on than fire so to speak. good luck it is very normal. feed in a separate area or the snake sees your hand as food when it enters the cage it is warm and after all this is their kitchen so it’s natural for an animal to attack if they have been trained to expect food involvement when he bites don’t pull away or you can hurt him by ripping his teeth out just wait until he lets go or run his head under a light stream of luke warm water not hot.

11/12/15  07:54pm

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