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Jyef   Rainbowmyanole  

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 What is going on?

Hi, I’m new here, and I only signed up to post this. So, I live in Louisiana, and outside of my front door, is an open garage like area. And on the ground of that, are hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of caterpillars! they’re really fuzzy, and they sting, I know this because the exact same thing happened last year! I suspect that it has something to do with the trees outside, sadly, we can’t exactly cut them down. Another reason why I suspect that the trees are the problem is that after investigating outside, (with the fear of having fuzzy little critters falling on my head O__O) I found that some of the trees had this kind of white silk around it, like a spider web but more visible. As I had said, this has happened before, but all the caterpillars eventually died off. and as much as id like to have them die off this time so that I wouldn’t have to mess with them, my dogs are getting stung too. This is just getting crazy! sorry for this, but if anyone could help, that would be great....

07/21/17  08:58am


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  Message To: Jyef   In reference to Message Id: 2320886

 What is going on?

So sorry if I knew I would help but I will help I will start researching I need to research my own insect mystery to but not as urgent especially if your dog and you got stung what if it’s venomous

10/19/17  07:46pm

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