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 How can I keep my children safe from Brown Recluse spiders?

We live in a rural area in TN and our home is surrounded by trees. I have two children under 5 and a baby due in two weeks. We had a pest control person find and identify two live brown recluse spiders and several dead ones in our home. They wanted $3,000 for extermination. They wanted to put powder in our walls, etc. We thought this was extreme and pricey. We called another pest control company and they bombed the attic and crawl space, sprayed the home’s perimeter, sprayed Permethrin along the baseboards and set up sticky traps. We have found three in sticky traps since then. One was behind my two year old’s bed and I am terrified! I have placed Eucalyptus leaves under our beds and ordered some Eucalyptus oil because I don’t want to continue to put pesticides in our home with the baby on the way. I have cleaned out all the closets, etc. What else can I do? We have only lived in this house for a year, but it is 19 yrs old. Is it possible for it to be infested?

07/14/12  02:59am


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  Message To: Petricabilo   In reference to Message Id: 2273261

 How can I keep my children safe from Brown Recluse spiders?

You should get a few praying mantis egg cases and hang them in your house and outside and they are very entertaining to watch for the kids :] .

11/18/12  02:05pm

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