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 Praying Mantis HELP!

I have a female praying mantis and it made an egg case without mating.
Is this unusual? What should I do?

01/25/11  06:52am


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  Message To: Bookwormnp   In reference to Message Id: 2200901

 Praying Mantis HELP!

Only a few mantids are parthenogenic (capable of reproduction without mating), what species of mantis is it?

It’s very common that female mantids lay infertiles oothecas without warning... It’s very likely it’s an infertile ooth and can be just thrown away... and yes it’s perfectly normal, every adult female mantis does this. =]


- John -

01/31/11  08:18am


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  Message To: John_jb   In reference to Message Id: 2202139

 Praying Mantis HELP!

If the mantis was an egyptian mantis it will hatch if not it is infertile.

11/18/12  02:24pm

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