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Tatortot   Johnkorz  
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 Unknown bug unsquishable!!!


Please help. These bugs have shown up by the dozens in my basement office in Lincoln, NE. they are about the size of a dash - - - - - <------- would be 5 of them. they have 2 antenna that are about 1/3 the length of their body. They seem to be grey and sort of shaped like a line that that is a little wider in the middle. They are flexible and can bend their body to turn their front end.

Here is the weird part. I can’t squish them with my finger or a pencil lead. When I try they "jump" (more like squishing a spring than a jump) a few inches away. I smacked one with my hand and he wasn’t so lucky. Today the score is bugs 24 - me 1...

What are they? Darwin would be proud!

08/13/10  09:29am


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  Message To: Tatortot   In reference to Message Id: 2169114

 Unknown bug unsquishable!!!

Check it out on ""
Good luck!

08/20/10  08:59pm

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