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 Land snails anyone?

Yum! lmao jk. But seriously, ok so ever since a forest around my house was cut down, in the summer we have tons of land snails everywhere getting stepped on or sqaushed by cars, etc...My mom doesn’t want me to have any other pets but I will just bring in the snails without asking, she prob won’t care. I was wondering if anyone has had any and what to do to care for them?

What I wanted to do was take a huge plastic container, like a really thin plastic, fill it with real live leaves and branches and make it life like, and put them in. I will moist it as I know they LOVE that and will be feeding them lettuce...I’m not sure if there is much more to ask?

Anyways what do I need to do to care for these little ones?
And will they bite through plastic?

01/30/10  01:00am


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  Message To: Chelsp94   In reference to Message Id: 2118589

 Land snails anyone?

No they will not and that is a perfectly good habitat. Do what you said!

11/18/12  02:58pm

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