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SR-71 Blackbird   Lair*of*toad   Reptophile  

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SR-71 Blackbird
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Hello, i had a female praying mantis (she was with a male) and she laid an ooth which hatched so now i have about 150 baby chinese mantids running around. so if any of you are local (SoCal) i will gladly give them for only a small fee. pm me if you are intrested. thanks! :)

12/31/09  09:27pm


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  Message To: SR-71 Blackbird   In reference to Message Id: 2109691


yes actually i do want a bunch of asian mantis’s ive been searching all over the web i actually wantes to buy and egg sac but id be happy with a bunch of those,im in sac tho,would you mail em or wut? they get mailed all the time i know that,so if we are to far it shouldnt be a problem and ill hook up the money part,ill be generous.

09/02/10  11:27pm


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  Message To: Lair*of*toad   In reference to Message Id: 2173334


Are you in San Diego.

11/18/12  02:35pm

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