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BugLady   Reptophile  

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 Hi, I’m new

I am from Brazil, and I have photographed hundreds of different insects and spiders. Some of them I was able to identify, some I wasn’t.

I hope that I can use your help every now and then to identify some insects.

I have created a website in which I am uploading my pictures one a day, I figured that this is a way to learn about one insect or spider a day without making it overwhelming, and at the same time making this information available to other people who are also interested.

I am going to read this forum and try to get as much out of it as I can, and contribute with information when I am able.

Thanks :)

(PS: I’ll send my website’s URL to whoever wishes to look at it. I am not going to post it here because this is my first post and I don’t want to be taken for a spammer).

11/30/09  05:44pm


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  Message To: BugLady   In reference to Message Id: 2100235

 Hi, I’m new

May I see?!?

11/18/12  03:05pm

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