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 Experiment on Locust

Hi guys. I am doing research for an Extended Project (AQA) which concerns the effect of different diets upon the growth of locusts. I plan to experiment using young locusts and feeding them different diets, then continuously measure their rate of growth over a period of 28 days. It would help me a lot if you could answer some of these questions to help with the experiment.

How long have you kept locusts?

How are the containers you keep locusts in?

How many locusts do you keep (on average) in each container?

What should be present in the locust’s container?

What temperature/humidity conditions should be present in the container?

What do you feed your locusts?

Is there anything you should never feed your locust?

Do you need to provide water with your locusts?

Do you prevent breeding to stimulate growth in the locusts, if so, how do you do this?

What is the average percentage of deaths in the locusts?

Would my research be useful to a pet shop/keeper/zoo like you? If so, put an email below. Thank you very much for your participation, I will be in contact.
Thanks alot!

08/16/09  09:57am

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