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 How do you breed mealworms?Experts needed

Mealworms are hard to get at my store now because they are only sold on thursdays and i want to start breeding them so that i can have them without having to go to the store. How can i breed them

05/13/09  07:37am


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  Message To: Seth909   In reference to Message Id: 2003652

 How do you breed mealworms?Experts needed

Actually its quite easy and fun. Here is a link to a site which helped me. However, let me warn you, its gonna take at least 3 months to get your colony up and going.Also , they recommend using bran but my mealies grow fastest in chicken mesh. Aslo , i use steralite or rubber maid containers to house them in.


06/10/09  11:41pm


Randy bob
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  Message To: Vohnholley   In reference to Message Id: 2020074

 How do you breed mealworms?Experts needed

It isn’t hard at all.
I first would recomend getting all the supplies needed to rear the mealworms.
You will need a few small containers (tupperwear or even cleaned tv dinner containers) For the pupa and beetles. You will also need atleast one large container for the mealworms and to dump the beetle substrate in after they have laid eggs. I use the plastic lids you get from cakes at the store.
For substrate I use a mix of things. I use oats, wheat farina, cricket gutloads, turtle pellets, andy reptile diet, and pretty much anything else I can find to blend up for the substrate. I blend everything up so it’s easy to sift the beetles and mealworms out.

07/03/09  03:01pm

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