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 Sad girl seeks invert...

before my mom had said i could get a lizard for my birth day but she changed her mind and now the only thing i can get is a hermit crab! THEY ARE SO BORING! Is they’re any other inverts (other than tarantulas and millipedes :( I WANT A MILLIPEDE!) that aren’t so boring? I can’t get another hermit crab. I also want something tha t won’t die in a month.

08/27/08  08:51pm


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  Message To: Leah_Lizard   In reference to Message Id: 1844591

 Sad girl seeks invert...

Scorpions, Mantids, other types of crabs, crayfish, centipedes....Lol...


08/28/08  10:31pm


Gottee guy
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  Message To: ThatGuyImTheShadows   In reference to Message Id: 1845717

 Sad girl seeks invert...

hermit crabs NEED other hermit crabs.they are very social and it will eventually die of stress if it doesn’t have another hermit crab or a few.

09/01/08  12:19pm


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  Message To: Gottee guy   In reference to Message Id: 1848639

 Sad girl seeks invert...

Looks like you need another hermit crab. They’re social inverts. Idk, it could be pretty interesting to see how they react.

09/08/10  05:41pm


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  Message To: ThesaurusRex   In reference to Message Id: 2174458

 Sad girl seeks invert...

I’m sorry to hear about that.. i had/have the same problem with my mom. I don’t know how your parents would react if you just went out and bought one without telling them and let her find out when she came in my room later that day to see a little baby gator swimming around.. lol.. but I mean i should not be supporting going against your parents request but i mean..if they are afraid of reptiles why not go for it?...sorry sorry dont listen to that im a stupid guy who doesn’t think of consequences, have you tried doing like a ton of research on a particular lizard you would like to get and then show them?? i hope you can find a way to get something you are happy with im trying to convince my mom at the moment to get me a tegu but who knows. wish the best of luck to you :)
P.S what about cockroaches????? lol

09/08/10  08:00pm


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  Message To: Venom6547   In reference to Message Id: 2174479

 Sad girl seeks invert...

You should go to

11/18/12  02:31pm

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