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 How disgusting?

Ive seen some pretty disgusting crap in this world, but some things are just plain rediculous. I was just sitting here searching around You-Tube for Tailess Whip Scorpion videos, since Im looking into purchasing one. I come across one video titled Tarantula Vs Scorpion Vs Centipede....So I was clicked it just to see if like, it was real. It turns out..ITS A SHOW IN JAPAN. An actual show where they put different creatures in one small glass tank and record the "fight"...They actually show the stats, their "weapons", and everything. Its truely disgusting and horrible, and to be honest, I think only in Japan youd find a show like that. Ive seen some a--hole kids from all over making videos of snakes and leopard geckos fighting, bugs and this or that, but for someone to make a show and do this? I find it extremely rediculous and disgusting. Its as bad as the video of a Japanese zoo feeding their lions and tigers LIVE cows to entertain the guests! And giving them chickens to put through the slots of the bus so the lions and tigers can come up to the truck and eat.........its pitiful. If you dont believe me, or would like to see for ya go:

Just remove the spaces......

Just wow.....What are people thinking now a days??


08/12/08  01:47am


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  Message To: ThatGuyImTheShadows   In reference to Message Id: 1827918

 How disgusting?

IDK man, those two bombs made the Japanese do crazy stuff.

09/08/10  06:00pm

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