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 Weird about my hissing roaches....

ok so i have about 70+ hissing cockroaches that are doing GREAT. i think as of yesterday though i may have a dominant male. i could smell their "musk" smell when i went to mist their enclosure and i saw 2 dead very small ones. hmm. but thats not what this post is about

what its about is yesterday night we pulled up into our driveway and were going into the garage when my bf says "is that one of your roaches?" . sure enough between our 2 cars was a 2’’ hissinc cockroach..... how the heck it got outside, and out front i have no idea. i knew i let my dog play with one a while ago. i thought he killed it. but for it to make its way from the back yard up front and between our cars and live for 1-2 months outside. thats scary. i thought that the write up on these guys stated they could not live outside?
i am in san antonio tx. it is the right temp outside for them. but in a few months it will be way to cold for them.

but still... this is very odd... these roaches wont infest. will they? it WAS a female that was outside. and i hope she didnt have a clutch ready to hatch.. hmm...

08/06/08  12:20pm


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  Message To: 87rx7chick   In reference to Message Id: 1821588

 Weird about my hissing roaches....

if winter gets too cold should be fine however if doesnt get to cold or babies foudn way into houses could infest....

10/21/08  01:56am

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