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 Cricket Larvae or Parasite Larvae?

previously posted in MHD forum

I was looking in the feeder forum (mealworms supers etc.) and I noticed a question about breeding crickets and that their larvae were really tiny white then yellow. Well, before I took my MHD to the vet I noticed there were a few tiny larvae in his poop. I figured they were the parasites in his system, but he tested negative. He is due to be tested again though. Could they have been the crix larvae or the parasites? I did notice a few gnats in the cage so maybe it was the parasite larvae.

10/11/05  04:10am


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 Cricket Larvae or Parasite Larvae?

crickets dont have larvae, they have nymphs, like grasshoppers and cockroaches, that is a tiny cricket that looks like a cricket but much smaller as opposed to a worm, maggot, or caterpillar type larvae.
sometimes moths or flies can invade your superworm or cricket colony and whatever kind of bug invades the colony that is what type of larvae you end up with
now on the subject of the poop. if your lizard poops and you know it is fresh and you see worms moving around in it, it is definitely a parasite, you need to take your lizard to a vet and get wormer, or at least find out what type of worm it is.

12/23/05  05:48pm

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