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Nova Specimens
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Bet you get threads like this all the time!

I’m a newbie to keeping arthropods - but not handling them. As an avid beginner entomologist, I love everything to do with arthropods and their studies, so it’s only natural I’ve decided to start keeping them myself.

Right now, I’ve got several adult locusts and a handful of of stage 5 hoppers. They are in a container roughly 43cm wide, 28cm long and 16cm high. I’ve only put them in today.

They have a shallow plastic dish with one indent filled with ’bug grub’ feed, another with water gel and an empty indent for fresh food or treat when it is available.

There is a few cut up egg-cartons for dark cover, and a few pieces of wood that were once a 3D Wood puzzle - re-purposed into small climbing frame. I’ve placed boxes outside the tank, so there is cover from the lamplight in my room, but not total darkness.

There is not much in the way of substrate on the floor - only the stuff that was in the carry cartons.

I am aware I need substrates - should I buy these or use garden matter?
And natural climbing twigs and leaves - can I get these from the garden? Are any plants poisonous to locusts?

I was planning to get bramble for the enclosure.

I am also aware I need an egg dish - I should buy the substrate for this too?

Do I need a heat lamp? I have no electrical equipment being used at the moment. My room is heated, which is where I have them, and it’s not usually too hot or cold in here. The thermometer has said 20 all afternoon.

In all, I want to provide the best enclosure I can for them. I was also planning to get more 2 more enclosures - one for eggs and one for hoppers. Any size recommendations?

I want these guys to live happy, healthy lives. If this breeding programme is successful, and I can at least get one clutch of eggs, they’ll become the food factories for mantis - until then, it’s just these guys.

And if an adult expires, they’ll be preserved in Lucite resin and added to the entomology collection.

Anyway - please provide any help or info. I’m told Locust are pretty hardy as pets, and low maintenance other than feed, clean and taking care of their eggs. What do you guys think?

Also - I keep hearing them flapping their wings, or maybe stridulating. Is this a sign of anything or just locusty behavior?

01/13/15  03:17pm

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