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 Looking For Black Soldier Fly Larvae ??

Obviously I’m like everyone else here that owns a combination of amphibians and reptiles. I currently have 6 RETF, 2 GTF, several Gray TF which I morphed from tadpoles and 2 Chinese Water Dragons. The cricket thing is OK, but a $ pain in the butt. Don’t know if I’m ready for the "roach thing" yet! LOL Plus I don’t know if RETF will eat them? I recently bought 2000 pinheads, but go through them so quickly!, and their really too small for CWD.
Does anyone have any recommendations of the least expensive feeder that are easy and fast to propagate? I researched the Black Soldier fly larvae, seems like a cure-all? Any reputable "feeder" websites that any of my fellow friends on here have used and trust? Meal worms are a good option for my CWD ( they LOVE them) but what about propagation? Any advice would be appreciated !! Thank You in advance !!

12/16/11  12:16pm


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  Message To: Berryblonde2u   In reference to Message Id: 2247380

 Looking For Black Soldier Fly Larvae ??

here’s your answer........
Blaptica Dubia

12/16/11  02:38pm

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