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 Need to Keep Worms Alive for Biology Project...

Alrite, I am a high school student conducting a biology project on worms, the type you find in ur garden. I did find worms before, but i could not keep them alive and it’s getting really frustrating since my project will be due soon. I need to keep about 50 worms, each in a separate 3 oz dixie cup, how can i make sure they will live for about 2-3 weeks?

05/03/09  10:54am


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  Message To: OXOsmilesOXO   In reference to Message Id: 1997556

 Need to Keep Worms Alive for Biology Project...

Garden or field worms are slightly different than earth worms, but have the same basic care methods. Since it is almost summer, your worms may start going dormant, and they may not need as much food. They do this because of the warm weather.

When you put the worms in the dixie cups, put in some gardening soil. Or, you can take some from your back yard if you have one, it’s more natural.

The more organic nutrients your soil contains, the greater your worm population and the more vigorous your worms. Garden/Field worms love foods high in nitrogen, so mixing green grass clippings, corn stalks, and green leaves into the soil(dried leaves are low in nitrogen) should provide them with plenty of food. I also read that a bit of coffee grindings works well as a food too, but I haven’t tried it out myself.

The Purina company also makes a Purina Earthworm Chow for raising bait worms.

As long as you have ground corn and grass, your good to go. You can also try ground soybean hulls as an alternative to the corn.

Hope this helped,

05/22/09  08:42pm

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