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I have been breeding mealworms. and the last few days my first ever beetles hatched... about 15 hatched and i have like 15 more pupae. then last night i went 2 look for more beetles and there were like 5. but they were only 1/2 changed.. so i left them alone till this mourning when i looked again... so i kinda was wondering then when i just got outta school they were STILL the same... they are alive just 1/2 changed.. Does anyone know what this is?????????
thanx- Booker

11/14/08  02:58pm


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Just leave em alone other than to offer a high grade food and water source. Nature has it all figured out. yes some will not moult completely, leading to some with damaged carapaces (sp.). All in all, most will successfully change over, breed and start the next generation. I have been breeding mealies for over 2 years now. I wanted an established colony before I got Leopards. Planned a 55 for ONE, got 4, bad shape, two lived.
Hope this helps.

01/01/09  12:41pm

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