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 --- Short Guide to Breeding Waxworms ---

I figured I’d make a short waxworm breeding guide as well as the mealworm guide I’ve made. So here goes.

What you’ll need:

1 gallon (give or take) jar (or something close) with lid
Bran or oatmeal
Small size screen & glue

The culture/bedding

There are so many different ways to make this, and all work well. I honestly don’t think it makes any difference whether you use or don’t use a double boiler, heat it up, don’t heat it up. All that matters is that you end up with the same product in the end. You need to mix your bran/oatmeal with honey to where the consistency is sticky, but still crumbles easily. I do this by eye and just stop adding honey when I think it starts to get too sticky. The reason people use a double boiler is to crystallize the honey and make it a harder consistency. I also believe that may be a little cleaner since it doesn’t leave that sticky of a substance. But honestly, the waxworms will be eating it anyway, so it makes no difference to me. You can also put a pinch of glycerine in with the mix if you may choose.

Setting it up

Once you have your mix, you can take enough (if you’ve made more than needed, you can put it in the freezer for later use) to have a 1/2" to 1" thick amount in your jar.

Remember the cardboard? This is used for an egg laying site for the moths when they emerge. What you need exactly is the type of cardboard that has two layers with the wavy piece in the middle. You need to tear one side off so you’re left with the middle piece and one flat side. Put a couple or few layers diagonally in the jar to serve as the laying site.

The lid of the jar needs to be modified for air circulation. You need to cut a small square (2"x2" is good) and replace it with very thin screening as the baby waxies can climb glass. Once that’s on, you’re ready for the waxworms.

You can add the waxworms in the jar and leave them alone for a month or two. Of course we don’t really do that do we? We love to check it out every day. (Every hour if we can... and we SWEAR things will change in that time...)

The wax moths emerge in about 2 weeks and start breeding. Waxmoths lives a short life of only a few days to a week or so if you’re lucky. They’ll lay their eggs in the cardboard, and once hatched, they’ll find their way to the culture and start eating and growing.

A little under a couple months is usually how long it takes from the time you set up your colony, to the time you start seeing worms. The newly hatched waxies are VERY tiny (see picture below) so it will be very difficult to know when they’ve hatched unless you take a few minutes and focus to find them. Within a month, these baby waxworms will grow and you’ll have many different sizes of them in your jar.

It’s best to have several small colonies separated in different jars as the wax moths do fly and shouldn’t be opened until all wax moths have died. With several colonies going in different jars, you can start opening the older colonies and getting wax worms from those colonies.

That’s pretty much the gist of it. It’s not difficult, but like breeding mealworms, it takes patience.

The following are pictures of my own personal colony. Unfortunately, I have no pics of the actual wax worm as I’d ran out and they’re all pupating right now.

This is what the wax moth looks like.

This is a newly hatched wax worm. Keep in mind that the bedding you see is both bran and oatmeal. Given that a piece of oatmeal is about 2-3 mm., this wax worm is VERY tiny!

These are pupae.

I started a colony in an extra Exo-Terra tank. I have yet to have any escapees (that I know of) but I suggest you DON’T follow my example as there are tons of places the baby worms can escape out of these. I just did it because I had an extra tank and I figured it would be cool for my kids to be able to watch the process.

09/18/08  11:36am


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  Message To: Slove1106   In reference to Message Id: 1862525

 --- Short Guide to Breeding Wax worms ---

Great.. I’m going to try to breed wax worms this Sunday cause I’m going to the reptile show would a 100 be OK to start with?

04/16/09  02:20pm


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  Message To: Slove1106   In reference to Message Id: 1862525

 --- Short Guide to Breeding Waxworms ---

awesome!!! i have bred them in a tub

05/03/09  09:58pm

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