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 Changing worms

I have mealworms that have all changed or are changing into beetles.

I have three beetles and all but one like to lay on their backs all day long.

When i pick them up to put them right side up they stay that way for a while but then are on their backs again.

What can I do, I am not breeding them, i dont know how, they just changed to beetles and i was curious to see how long it would take.

I also have waxworms that are changing into beetles, how long will they take?

What should I feed them? How do I breed them?

09/10/08  01:08pm


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 Changing worms

I’m sure this is what you meant, but FYI, waxworms turn into waxmoths, not beetles.

As far as the mealworm pupae, they should turn into beetles in about 2 weeks. Waxworms turn into moths in about the same time, even is as little as a week.

For mealworms and beetles, an inch or two of bran (feed store) should suffice. Add carrots, apples, potaties, etc. every few days. Chance when it starts to look like it’ll mold, or when it’s out.

Waxworms need no bedding unless you want to breed them. Waxworms are a little more difficult to breed. Not really hard, but not as easy as mealworms. (Which pretty much breed no matter what... as long as there’s a male and a female beetle... you’ve got mealworms)

If you want to breed waxworms, start with about 50 or 100. The bedding will be bran & honey. Others add other things but that’s what I use and it’s fine. You can mix the bran and honey in a double boiler or you can just mix it together without boiling. I think people boil it to harden and crystalize the honey, but my colony does fine when I just mix some honey with oatmeal and/or bran. It’s a little more sticky that way, but hey, it works. I started a colony about a month ago and I can see almost microscopic worms in my colony already.

I was planning to do a tutorial on breeding soon once I get my pictures up... I’ll try to do it tomorrow. I took pics of my colony and everything, I just need to upload the pics.... I got a few good shots of the baby mealies, they’re so tiny!

09/15/08  03:55pm

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