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 New Iguana owner here, need help!

Hi, so I’ve always wanted to have a reptile, finally a week ago I got my first pet green iguana named Alduin , however I have a few questions to help me get a healty and happy pet, thanks on advance!

1). I’m currently using a chipper bark substrate, however, I read that Iguanas and reptiles in general are very suceptible to bacterial infections. So I’ve looked everywhere but I haven’t found a proper response about the hygiene of the substrate. How often should i change it? However I saw a video which said substrate can be re-used by cleaning. How would that work? Or is it a better idea to just replace all of the substarte. Or should i only pick fecal matter? Please let me know how to properly provide clean subatrate. And also help me with how and how often should the feces be picked.

2) I’ve been trying to feed my iguana Hibiscus flowers, grapes, mustard greens, amd banana. So far it has only eaten banana, which concerns me since I read that their main diet should consist of the greens, how do i get it to eat the greens?

I’m currentley switching water and food daily, altough I see that it eats fruits, it barely touches the greens. What should I do?

05/10/18  12:39am


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  Message To: Mario_53811   In reference to Message Id: 2322327

 New Iguana owner here, need help!

Hello, when I first got my baby iguana, i fed a "Southern Salad Mix" that I picked up at a pricey hipster market, Trader Joes, if you are familiar. It worked well, but i discovered a reptile omnivore pellet diet that included so many nutrients that i had been previously feeding to my turtle ( its box turtle pellets). The great thing about the pellets is that they are colorful and fruit flavored so your iguana will probably like them since he is only interested in fruit. tip: you might be going through a lot of greens due to them rotting and feel like switching to cheaper romaine lettuce, instead prepare and wash and freeze the good greens and thaw with warm water when its feeding time.
Keep trying to feed the greens and offer less of the food that it enjoys like the banana and try to force it to eat the healthy collards.

best of luck

05/16/18  10:50pm


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  Message To: Mario_53811   In reference to Message Id: 2322327

 New Iguana owner here, need help!

I used to hang out on this form every day of the week 365 days a year but we’ve all moved on to Facebook now. There’s a plethora of information out there such as websites that I can refer you to and I can also post photographs much easier on the web sites on or the groups on Facebook
I don’t know if you’ve heard of iguana lovers and iguana owners on Facebook but feel free to come and join

In the meantime have a look at the Green Iguana Society. Org
That is a very reputable starting place and there are a few other good websites to look at such as the Iguana Den

Sometimes you have to use tough love and discontinue the fruit or possibly squeeze some of the juice from the fruit onto the greens so that they are attracted to it.... definitely try to keep away from the banana as it is much higher in phosphorus than anything else and you want a calcium-rich diet not a phosphorus Rich diet.
I suppose you could gently swipe your finger on the banana and then rub some banana onto the greens hoping they would ingest the greens that way

I was actually doing a Google search for somebody else and this page popped up again reminding me of how much I used to come here

Look me up if you like... send a friend request

08/13/18  10:56pm

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