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Hey I recently got an aqua blue iguana. I have been feeding her quite a bit of vegetables in the morning along with pellets, when I turn her day light on when I get home she has ate it all. Like I said I’ve been putting quite a bit out, should I put more out until she has leftovers or keep feeding the same amount? Thank yall

02/18/18  02:49pm


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How old is the iguana? And if she’s a juvenile I’d personally give her more. Just make sure you’re giving her the occasional fruit and other vegetables. And supplements. If you don’t she might not developed correctly or all the way. I have a five year old iguana and she eats like a horse. I give her collard greens, pellets, fruit every two days. I also give her a teaspoon of calcium and vitamin supplements once a week and she’s developed nicely!

08/22/18  03:04am

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