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 Please help!!

My iguana Leroy is turning yellow! I just noticed it today. His eardrum is cloudly, his right eyelid is yellow and puffed out... And a couple of scales next to his mouth are turning yellow as well. I have no idea what’s causing it!

He always eats all the food in his foodbowl everyday. We only feed him collared greens, because he doesn’t really like anything else. He’s in a cage all by himself, where he has a UVB bulb that he basks under all day. We use newspaper as a substrate because its easier to clean the cages with, which we do every Sunday. Everything is scrubbed down with Fluker’s cleaning spray. He doesn’t really drink the water in his cage, which may be a cause of the problem... But I try not to stare at him 24/7 so I wouldn’t know for sure. He also comes out to roam around a lot; its the one thing he looks forward to all day.

We’ve never had any problems like this with him or our other two iguanas before. We’ve had them all for over a year, and they’ve all been dewormed.

I’m just not sure what’s causing it... I’m scheduling a vet appointment for Tuesday but it would really help if someone could provide possible causes! He might be the meanest of the three iguanas I have but he’s still one of my babies. I can provide pictures too, but I’m sure how to attach one on here!

10/29/17  09:53pm

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