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YoseyH   Sdellin  

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 Blackened Skin

What can I do with dead skin on my iguana? I have juvenile green iguana and I’ve cleaned his cage once a week for the last month and given her baths some with betadine for her injuries with the mites but today when bathing her a piece of the dead blackened skin began tore off, not completely, revealing flesh, there was no blood but I used a small amount of betadine to put on the dead skin, I had put it back in place, and bandaged with gauze. I’m not sure what to do now, he has just begun eating quite well again after the whole mite infestation we had. What should I do next?

10/18/17  09:13pm


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  Message To: YoseyH   In reference to Message Id: 2321370

 Blackened Skin

What do you mean by blackened skin? Is it shedding skin? Can you post a picture?

10/28/17  04:11pm

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