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 A Thank You, A Tribute...a Memorium.

Hi all, well today, I am here to speak my heart out, and to pay some long overdue respects to some close friends of mine that are no longer with me. In this month of August, a little over a year ago, I lost the two most precious companions that I have had for 10 years, and even though one belonged to me, and the other to my brother...I considered them both equally as family. 1 year ago, I began posting on this site to seek help for my Iguana who became sick, in hopes that it would simply pass, the way a normal fever does. Unfortunately, it was not to be...a little over 1 year ago exactly, I lost my childhood pet, a childhood friend, and a member of my family. He became sick, and it was a very time full of grief for me, in the end, after the countless Vet visits, and even a surgery, Spike passed away. As painful as it was, I had to let him go knowing that I did all I could in my power, whether it be hand feeding him or waking up in the middle of the night to check on him, in order to keep with me as long as possible. I wrote this post here today, and not some social media site like Insta or Facebook because he deserves to be thanked in a place where people of similar relationships to their reptiles can understand and appreciate the very pets they hold dear. And to say thank you...thank you so much Spike, for everything, 10 years you have been with me, and have accompanied me as I passed from childhood to adulthood, before finally taking your leave...and I thank you, so much for that. This post is late, a year late to be exact, but I wanted to commemorate you Spike, and your brother Skinny who perished just a few months before, in a way, it was more sad to see you in your cage by yourself than it was to see it empty...but you two are always in our thoughts, from the Cage in the front yard, to the graves we made for you in the backyard under the apple tree that you both love to climb so much. We miss you, and we thank you both, for all the memories. Rest In Peace, Spike & Skinny, 2006-2016.
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08/31/17  09:56pm

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