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 How can I fix this

I currently own a 3 year old female green iguana, we had family over a while ago and had to dismantle her cage, she has since been free roam. She does receive sunlight via windows and if need be a heat lamp. She seemed to enjoy free roaming but it change recently. In my bathroom we have an unfinished bath tub, the tub works fine but has exposed pipes and you can go underneath it or by it’s side. There is a skylight above the tub so she would lay in it to get her sun, I also believe she enjoyed the cool feeling on her stomach. Then one day we saw her on the side of the tub, almost underneath it, we got her out assuming she got stuck. We then put her in the living room and fed her. She then went towards the bathroom again and I let her. Next day we saw that she was yet again under the tub, we pulled her out and gave her food but she did not eat. I shut the bathroom door and let her roam, she sat on the couch for awhile and I walked away assuming she would be fine, next day she was again under the tub, she had crawled under the door. This cycle has happened a few times now and I just assume she likes that spot, we pull her out, feed her, and she goes back there, repeat almost daily. She isn’t constantly sleeping she just sits there awake staring into the doorway, almost like she’s hiding. Is this normal and if not how do I fix it?

08/30/17  05:13am


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 How can I fix this

first off she is NOT getting any UVb through the windows. She needs a proper uvb bulb, mercury vapor bulbs are the best if you get the right kind. Reptileuv can help you there.

maybe she likes that spot to hide. Marlon is a free roamer and used to somehow squeeze himself into the inside case of a throw pillow and hide there for hours, or hed go ontop of the tv and wedge himself between it and the mantel.

As long as she gets proper uvb and isnt too cold there she should be fine GET UVB

09/10/17  06:05pm

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