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 Water filtration system for Iguana swimming "pool"

Hello from Finland!

I got 2 Iguanas (1,5yo and 9 months old), they have been living in smaller vivariums for now but it’s time to get them bigger cages now.

I’m building 3m high, 2m long and 1m deep (metres, about 9x6x3 feet) cages for them with automatic temperature controls (floor heating that will keep the day temperature on 26 degrees celsius and night temperature at 22 degrees celsius) and automatic spraying system (mistkings with humidity sensors).

Only thing i’m having a trouble figuring out is the swimming pools, older of my iggs really love swimming (i’m not lying if i say she swims about 3 hours every day) and yes she poops there too. It’s ok with her’s current cage with "swimming pool" of about 40cm x 30cm and about 15cm deep water. It’s easy to clean by hand every day.

I’m going to make really big swimming pools on the new cages and i’m trying to find a way to keep them clean without hand cleaning every day. Any ideas? Some kind of filtration system that pickes up the poop but what kind of? I haven’t got any fish ever or any other aquatic pets so i dont know nothing about filtration systems.

Changing the water is not going to be a problem, i’m going to rise the cage floors from the actual room floor and put hoses on the bottoms of the new swimming pools so i can easily get the old water out and clean the pools but i’m trying to figure out a way so i wont need to do that every day...

05/13/17  07:43am


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  Message To: PL84   In reference to Message Id: 2320672

 Water filtration system for Iguana swimming "pool"

you could use a siphon from fish tank setups, and suck out the water each day he poops in it.

05/25/17  03:34pm

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