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Trent 00
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 Blue axanthic Iguana front leg issue.

I recently 7 days ago to be exact received a 1&1/2 year old blue axanthic Iguana. I picked her up from the previous owner who had clearly no knowledge of how to take proper care of her. I admit i don’t know everything about them myself but I at least have done be my homework to learn. The person had her in a 55 gallon aquarium, which she is still in until Saturday when I complete a proper enclosure that I’m building. She was given water in a dish that held about 2oz of water and being fed baby iguana food pellets the first three ingredients are corn, soy and crude animal proteins which from what I can see are all bad for her. The heat light that they had provided her with is just a heat light no uva/uvb which I understand are very important to her health. The humidity was very low also. I also think she was neglected human contact as she is a little aggressive when you first pick her up but quickly calms after a minute or so.

The first things I changed are her water bowl which is big enough for her to soak in if she desires now. I also immediately changed her diet from processed pellets to real veggies which consist of box choy, collard greens mustard greens, and endive. I also spray the veggies with a liquid calcium supplement. Which are reletivly easy to get in my area others will be added as soon as I’m done with her enclosure. I have also been spraying her and her enclosure with water to keep humidity up for her but who’ll have a digger when she moves to her new inclosure. I have put a full spectrum heat light on her as well.

Now the scary stuff, well for me and my children anyway. Yesterday when I arrived home from work she was sleeping and did so most of the night in a cool spot which was out of character she usually sleeps under her light or near it. I gave her some fresh water and salad. Then when I went to pick her up I noticed she is more aggressive than normal but did calm down eventually but it took longer than normal. I handle her at least 30-45 minutes a night. When I returned her to her enclosure I noticed her left front leg was limp and she would just drag it along. When she did try to use it it was extremely minimal. Her leg is not swollen however I’m really concerned for her health. I am trying to contact a vet in my area to get her checked. I would really appreciate any ideas of what might be going on whether it’s caused from stress, injury, or illness. Thanks in advance for any advise!

04/21/17  03:35am


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  Message To: Trent 00   In reference to Message Id: 2320587

 Blue axanthic Iguana front leg issue.

A reptile vet would definitely be most helpful. Are you sure the limping has come on all of the sudden and she hasnt had the issue since you rescued her? It sounds like MBD, metabolic bone disease, which is caused by lack of UV light. If the previous owners didnt have her under uvb for a few months she easily could have developed MBD and she should see a vet.

Extra calcium supplements and strong UV should help depending on how far gone it is.

04/24/17  12:41am

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