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 New Iguana Owner with a Few Questions <3

I’d like to start by introducing myself, I’m Taylor and I’ve recently adopted a fully grown Iguana from one of my little brother’s teachers and had A LOT of questions. I’d like to give some context though as to how I received this Iguana.

First of I received him in an empty tank, like; it was a 55 Gallon tank with NOTHING in it but paper towels and wee-wee pads lining the bottom of it. With a basic heat lamp. I have since taken out of the weewee pads and paper towels and put actual flooring down and added some things for him to climb on. He was ONLY fed kale and I have since switched his diet from only kale to kale, other greens and once daily fruit. I have some questions regarding care with him.

1. His body/legs are bright green, but his tail is very dull and his head is also brown/very dull green, is this nromal.

2. It looks like he has many layers of dead skin on the spines on his back with I removed, albeit it was a bit painful for him, however since removal he’s not been jumpy if anyone touched his back. Have I done the right thing?

3. If I have him out of the tank for long periods of time say, 4 hours; 3 and a half hours he’ll spend in my lap instead of exploring. Is this also normal?

4. The tank has no proper top to hold moisture or heat. Any recommendations as to materials I can use to hold heat and moisture in his tank?

Any and all answers/help are really appreciated ^^

04/06/17  02:42pm


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  Message To: Moofled   In reference to Message Id: 2320547

 New Iguana Owner with a Few Questions <3

first off a fully grown iguana CAN NOT live in a 55 gallon aquarium. full grown iguana are 5-6 feet long and need an enclosure at least 6 feet wide by 6 feet tall and 4 feet deep. anything less than that is inhumane.

1. head/tail is usually darker/less green than the body. The tail should be banded, black/greyish/black/greyish. If the tail is all one solid greyish color it is likely the tail had fallen off at some point and grown back.

2. Shedding of dead skin should be a painless process for the iguana. If there is not enough humidity in the environment the skin will not shed as easily. If it gets stuck it is recommended not to pull it off as it could harm the iguana. Though if you did not damage anything in the process I wouldnt worry. I help my iguana get spine sheds off commonly.

3. It isn’t strange behavior on its own. did the previous owner tame it and hang out with it often? every iguana is different. My iguana is super friendly and I can do just about anything to him. When I take him outside to get some sunlight, within 15 minutes he will crawl back through the screen door, walk through the house and climb into his enclosure.

4. you really need to build your own enclosure. a tank is really not the right way to do it, they are too small, glass isnt good, and as you see they cant hold moisture. look up any diy cheap iguana enclosure online there are tons of tutorials.

and please read this book.

04/24/17  12:50am

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