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Estefany   SakiandArgus  

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 My iguana has a swollen toe

hello, I just noticed that my 13 year old iguana has a swollen toe. Is not bleeding or anything is just swollen and that worries me a lot. Please help. Thanks.

09/17/16  05:17pm


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 My iguana has a swollen toe

Have you noticed a discoloration in the toe? My blue iguana is about 2 and a half years old and I noticed several months ago some quite noticeable swelling and discoloration in her toe but no wound, bleeding, or etc. Now, I am noticing the swelling has immensely gone down on its own and I hope the same for your Iggy. At first I was also worried but being patient and feeding your Iggy lots of helpful vitamins and maybe even soaking in the tub may just be what your little guy needs to heal..

10/16/16  11:01am

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