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 PLEASE HELP. Can my iguana recover???

I have a male green iguana and I call him Kiwi. A few days ago, I noticed his toes and muscle trembling so we took him to the vet. I know I haven’t been putting him under the sun a lot, and no matter what excuses I have, I should’ve at least done so even for a few minutes.

So, the doctor from the vet gave us some vitamins for Kiwi, and now it’s been a day since then. Kiwi doesn’t have any appetite and its a real struggle giving him the vitamins with a syringe. It took me one whole hour(!). I have been taking him out to get direct sunlight, though. And he still wants to walk around the house and climb, only with difficulty, especially the latter. I had to give him a hand with that. Most of the time he just stops halfway and lay idly. It makes me sad just seeing him as he used to be so active. Can he recover? I don’t want to have doubts and I don’t want to give up on him. How do I get him to eat again? And is there anything else that I should do for him??

Please, your advice will be appreciated.

08/23/16  09:57pm


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 PLEASE HELP. Can my iguana recover???

Do you at least have him under a UVB light as well as his heat bulb? If not you need to immediately. Can you post pictures of him so we can see the condition he is in?

09/01/16  09:14pm

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