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Zexen   Cphill58  

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 Iguana keeps gasping after eating strawberry

I fed my Iggy a strawberry, and the piece he chewed off was bigger than he could swallow, so i had to remove it from his mouth by hand. Now my Iggy keeps occasionally gasping and I have no idea why, could there perhaps have been a build up of mucus due to this? should i be concerned? like i said, hes only doing it occasionally, amd doesnt seem like hes suffocating, he also keeps constantly "licking his mouth" , the way one would do after having eaten peanut butter, should this be a major concern? or is my Ig only "clearing its throat"?

06/22/16  06:12pm


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 Iguana keeps gasping after eating strawberry

cut your pieces smaller...
In rare cases ( very rare) it might have an allergic reaction to the strawberry...not often documented.

But strawberries are high in phosphorous anyway...switch to grapes or raspberries...higher in calcium
Do you need a food chart guide??

06/27/16  12:57pm

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