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 Red Iguana: yellow, sticky spit/drool? Help!

I picked up my red ig while she was sleeping and I noticed there were two drops of yellow spit or drool on her lip and when I wiped it off with my finger it was kinda sticky. She was also acting a little weird when I first picked her up, she was super lathargic and she just closed her eyes and laid her head on my chest for a bit but I think she was just sleepy since I woke her up and she started walking around and acting like normal after a minute or two. I recently brought home a big piece of drift wood from the beach and I bleached it and washed it till I couldn’t smell bleach anymore. Could that have something to do with it? Please help!!! Thanks in advance :)

06/11/16  12:26am


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 Red Iguana: yellow, sticky spit/drool? Help!

No the wood treated with bleach and rinsed to death ...hopefully dried in the open air / sun should not pose an issue.

If you have further concerns please respond

06/27/16  01:09pm

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