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 New baby ig sick?

two days ago i purchased a green iguana. hes in a 50 gallon tank. hes about 7 inches long. sleeps alot durring the day and hasnt eaten that ive seen. food dish remains full. i change it daily. he has some white crust on his nose and a little orangeish dot on one side by his front shoulder. i have a 5.0 UVB bulb and 100w basking spot lamp about 14 inches above basking spot. temp is about 95 durring the day, 70 at night. humidity about 50% (i know needs to be higher but it wont maintain throughout the day) i mist about every hour to maintain. he keeps opening and closing his mouth quickly as if tasting the air. there is also a vine under the basking area so he can adjust the height as he likes. whats wrong? and what am i doing wrong? his food is cucumbers, baby spinach, a few carrots, cucumbers and yellow squash all finely chopped. is this from stress of being moved from the pet store? any suggestions

06/05/16  10:33pm


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 New baby ig sick?

are you still here???

tasting the air is trying to drink the water... offer more and spray the mouth very close to the lips

you need a good diet ... and here is a chart to start feeding STAPLE foods higher in calcium

additionally if the iguana does not improve you need to find an exoctic vet to examine and take a fecal exam/ check for parasites in the poop.... also a possible respiratory issue if any...a general examination will tell you many things we can not possibly see here in the is forum without pictures and details

Green Ig Society

another food chart for bearded dragons has plenty of info on good greens and not feed insects to a green iguana
also herbivore tortoise charts are excellent info and staple diets

Beautiful Dragons

06/27/16  01:17pm

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