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Cosmo Buddy   Takahiro111  

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Cosmo Buddy
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 I inheritated a Green Iguana, Need Help????

Hi all, my cousin’s friend from work had an iguana couldn’t take care of it any longer brought so she brought it home for her daughter, well her daughter doesn’t like it. I have been feeding him and I really like him. I have yet to handle him. He is very skiddish. I am moving to Florida and they asked if I can take him. I am willing so I am trying my hardest to bond with him but today he really flipped out when all I did was go to put his food in his cage. It really did scare me. Today WAS going to be the day for my to try to handle him. I am moving in a month. Any suggestions???? I don’t want to leave him behind. We have gotten along the last 2-3 months and today really freaked me out.


04/23/16  07:28am


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 I inheritated a Green Iguana, Need Help????

Did you make any sudden movements, you’ve might have startled the Iggy. If you had him that long he can also be accustomed to his enclosure and starting to act like a normal iguana, they are known to be aggressive especially males.

04/23/16  11:56am

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