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 Help my iguana is not growing

He only weighs 30 grams and he is about 30grams in weight and 6inches from nose to vent he is about 6-7 months old
I feed him collard greens and dandelion greens, he eats everyday , I use a 10.0uv light in a 55 gallon tank I keep it humid I don’t know what is wrong with him he is a blue iguana and I know he is suppose to be larger then this . I’m not sure what to do he lost his tail a couple months back he barley even sheds I’m not sure at all what’s I’m doing wrong

03/15/16  08:38pm


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  Message To: Iguanahelp858   In reference to Message Id: 2317449

 Help my iguana is not growing

Are you using a UVA as well? You must provide a basking spot that is 90-95ºF. Growth is stunted due to inadequate temperatures preventing iguanas to properly digest their food and they dont absorb nutrients.

Is that all you’ve been feeding your iggy? if so, do MORE veggies. you want to do just as much veggies as greens like butter nut squash,acorn squash, green beans, snap peas, bell pepper, parsnips, carrots, okra.

Change up your greens as well. Mustard greens Beet greens, Turnip greens (when mixed with others), kale.
Just make sure your iggys diet has some variety

03/16/16  10:48am


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  Message To: Sveezy   In reference to Message Id: 2317454

 Help my iguana is not growing

Blue iguanas are highly inbred...they are going to take a long time to grow and due to genes they will not grow as large as a Green / red iguana iguana.

They are pretty though...

here’s a link for a food chart to offer your iggy

Green Ig Society
look at all the staple items for the main portion of the salad... 80%
10% non staple items...10% fruit or treats...dont be afraid to include some lettuce for hydration and just plain old variety...
Spring Mix in the plastic box is a good offering / filler
And baby arugula is also very good
For more nutrition charts you can use this pertaining to the veggies and other items....but never feed insects....
stolen from the bearded dragon forums

dragon nutrition chart

And look to the sulcata tortoise diets as well another strict herbivore with excellent food sources

03/27/16  04:46pm

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