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 My Pebbles

I need help i have a red ig and i moved so i had to give it to some 1 to take care of her beiggest mistake ever, i moved again so now i can have her and when i went to get her my heart broke shes so skinny she looks like a skeleton i think shes very dehydrated u cld c her bones what can i so to help her as ome 1 suggested i give her pedialyte baths... I dont kno what to do can sum1 please help??

03/09/16  05:38pm


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 My Pebbles

are you here ...I just came back to see whats up...i hear you crying in the dark...
come to IGUANA OWNERS on facebook over 7000 members
AKA Iguana Lovers

03/27/16  04:37pm

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