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 Biting my head

Hey out there in igyland, I have a male ig and everytime he crawls up my arm to my head he chills and licks for a bit then next thing you know he bites my head,he does this to my carpet too,and my hair is short like the carpet. Is there any rythem to this madness? Im not sure what he his trying to say! Lol!

02/21/16  05:29pm


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  Message To: Igman1234   In reference to Message Id: 2317153

 Biting my head

something smells good ...or attracts them to both the items you mentioned...especially the carpet thing!!
many iggys are prone to trying to eat the carpet...we suspect it looks like the earth...and they might want to eat some dirt for the occasional mineral content.

In the spring, summer, fall when I take Maxine outside she is allowed to eat dandelions and mallow and mint in the yard... and the infrequent bite of dirt. Look to some tortoise diet pellets and hay grass that is safe to feed ( alfalfa/timothy hay) ...HERBIVORE diet.

You may also like to add a reptile vitamin to the diet ...such as HERPTIVITE a few times a week. Just a pinch you know.

03/07/16  07:01am

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