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 Heating and coloring

I have a heat bulb and a UVB bulb but because of where my habitat is it still isnt nearly warm enough. Is it safe to have a space heater pointed at it? With the heater now there the basking area temp is 82. Working on making a larger more insulated habitat. I’m new to iguanas and I found this one in the road about 6 weeks ago. It’s body finished shedding but now it’s head just shed and its head is now completely black which I don’t think is good. I’ve been feeding it a variety (probably too much fruit but it’s picky). Because I know it has been to cool in there I just tried the heater tonight and it seems to be loving it. Don’t know what else to do when the bulbs aren’t working well enough

12/28/15  09:48pm


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 Heating and coloring

My house heating system is automatic so it shuts on/off so if its too hot I open a window but if its cold I’ll use a plug in heater but the cage temps really spikes so I don’t leave it on more than an hour unless it really cold and the reptile room stays in the mid-high 80’s and is 75-80 at night. If its a plug in don’t have it facing directly at the cage because it’ll make it extremely hot and burn the lizard. If your cage temps aren’t were they suppose to be buy a higher wattage basking daytime bulb. My blue and red iguanas can be picky at time but I learned to trick them lol because an unvaried diet isn’t healthy.

12/30/15  12:20am

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