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 Help I’m a newbie

Hi I just bought my first iguana yesterday will Saturday. But the guy I bought it from gave me uvb bulbs and a heat lamp. The heat lamp busted so I ran to the store and bought one. I bought a red heat lamp and I was wondering if that is good to keep on at all times and also turn on the uvb bulb during the day. I was reading that the che lights are the best cuz they give off only heat and that’s best for night time however they are quite costly buy I will be getting one in the near future but I’m the meantime
Also how close are the uvb bulbs supposed to be too him cuz for right now he’s in a one layer 55 gal tank with 1/4 mesh over top. My question is is it alright to just keep the uvb bulb on top till I build him his second layer so he can be closer to it

12/13/15  11:20pm


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 Help I’m a newbie

He needs a day time basking bulb while the red one can be used at night only. What kind of uvb bulb you’re using?? Tanks don’t give much height for these arboreal reptiles so I would start building his cage. But overall congrats on the new Iggie their amazing when their full grown

12/14/15  11:25am

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